I wanted a drink that I could feel good about drinking all the time that would complement my work-hard, play-hard lifestyle.

I wanted something that was low in sugar, low in calories, big on flavor and had a little caffeine. . .oh, and nothing artificial.  Unfortunately, there were no good options; typical energy drinks were loaded with caffeine, most sports drinks were high in calories and pretty much anything with flavor had a ton of sugar.

So I decided to do something about it. . .

CEO was created on the idea to have a great tasting, organic energy boosting drink that’s easy to consume on-the-go, any time.

The result. . .a line of deliciously clean organic energy drinks that perfectly complements YOUR work-hard, play-hard lifestyle.

So crack one open, make things happen and whatever you do. . .do it like a boss!

Jason, Founder of CEO




Jason Petrou
CEO: Clean Energy Organics